About Us

Separately, SmartLab are a loose affiliation of incredibly talented individuals, who are all consummate professionals and experts in their chosen fields.

We have a team ranging from creative geniuses, copywriters, designers, graphic designers, PR gurus, technical managers, SEO experts, programmers and developers. On their own, they are all brilliant. But together they become something more than that. They are a complete team. A team who work together and communicate easily, so that every member knows what they are doing and how to go about achieving it.

Because it is all very well having the skills and expertise and even the personnel, but we also need to have that spark within the organisation which brings us all together.

We have a belief in serving our clients firstly and foremost. That means doing what is right for them and not for us. If something is in their best interests, we make sure they know what that is, even if that might mean that we don’t stand to make as much money from it.

We are passionate about helping our clients save on unnecessary overheads and expenses and we are also serious about keeping them informed of our progress.

When you work with us, we become less your agency and more your friend. In fact, according to some of our clients, we even become like part of your company.

We pledge to find out exactly what it is that you want us to do on your behalf and then we will set about trying our hardest to achieve it.

When you hire us, we like to have a proper face to face meeting and discussion about all the aspects of your company and what it is that makes you tick.

We know that no two businesses are the same, even ones that look like they should be from the outside. Ultimately, it is all about people and communication and this is something that you can rely on us to get right.