Own A Small Business – You Need Magic Box In Your Life

Own A Small Business – You Need Magic Box In Your Life

If you run your own business then you will need some sort of auto-responder tool in your email marketing strategy. If you don’t have an email marketing strategy, then you need to get one today!

Still not sure? Then here is a list of the things that Magic Box can do for you. We have three different versions available, depending on the size of the subscriptions that you have to deal with, but here we breakdown the basics that they offer.


  • SCHEDULED EMAILS Send your subscribers scheduled emails over a period of days and weeks, welcoming them to your service.
  • PERSONALISED OFFERS Be able to offer free content and deals to your new customer, in a way that feels personalised to them.
  • SAMPLE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES Be able to offer sample products (i.e. a free course) to your subscribers.
  • CROSS SELLING Use to cross sell to your customers. People who have bought product X can be offered complementary product Y within a short space of time, if they click quickly. This immediately increases the value of your sale.
  • UP SELLING Also, Magic Box can be used to up sell as well, so if someone is buying the medium or basic version of a product, a time limited offer for the bigger, better version lands in their inbox.
  • PROVIDE PRODUCT TRAINING AND EDUCATION Better still, when someone has purchased your product, Magic Box can send them emails, with handy instructions for the care or use of the item and offer guidance with the general working of the product. This is a service that customers appreciate.
  • PROVIDE IDEAS AROUND THE PRODUCT So if someone has bought a rolling pin, you could send an automatic email that pings into their inbox with ten great pastry recipes. Ideas such as this inspire customer loyalty and return sales, far more than a company that never interacts with its customers when it has got their money.


You know when your customer has items in their shopping cart and then fails to buy them? The Magic Box Pro can generate emails about these failed purchases and see if the customer has any queries about the item, which made them abandon the sale.



Magic Box Pro can generate a discount to their customers on their birthday. Another feature that customers love and inspires them to shop with you time and again!


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